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a l l   a b o u t   t h e   d i v a   k n o w   a s   KJ
l u k e   e t y r n a l

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night, Dietiphobia, Kristy Goffman, KJ, Ian Eskelin, Max Hsu, Exegesis, Mod-Ex, ModEx, Reason, Cubase, Tao, Taoism, Music, Trance, House, Industrial, Ambient, Score, Roland Jupiter 6, Korg MS-20, Macintosh, Apple, Wonderland, Sonic Temple, Graceland, Sonic Boy, Sound Mind, enlightenment, Star Wars, Keith Klein Online, Autumn Moon, Surfur Gurl, Black Platform Studio, Blackplatformstudio, echo gallery, narcisse design, rena jones, Orgy Coordinator, Gary Mazzeri "Kristina Goffman, mezzo, graduated with honors from Blackburn College, with a Batchlor degree in Vocal Performance. Kristina has had the opportunity to experience and achieve many goals in her study of music. Her roles include Barbara Allen in "Dark of the Moon", Antonia in "Man of la Mancha", Alice in "Alice in Concert", and Fruma Sarah in "Fiddler on the Roof". She has performed opera scenes from "Carmen", "Il Trovatore", and "Tender Land". She made her Carnegie Hall Debut in 2000 at the Madrigal Music Festival. Miss Goffman has achived awards and honors such as the Blackburn College Choir Award, first place; Blackburn College Meuler Music Competition, first place three times, and Sweedish Days Music Competition. She has been a voice coach for two years and has worked in the Blackburn College music department for four years. For two years she was the assistant to the head of the department. She is currently a member of the New Classic SIngers."

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