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Review by: Cary Harmon


Luke Etyrnal weaves a dark, ethereal web with Kj's Spydrz. The digital sequencing is phenomenal with dark,rich synth tones entwined with steady drum and bass. Kj's Spydrz is digital purity at its finest.
I like the digital piano thrown in as a good attention grabber. It helps add an organic warm feeling to the cold dreamscape the rest of the melody creates. This helps build a pleasant tension between the synth and piano. This is very reminiscent of Trent Reznor's use of digital piano in his tracks from the Lost Highway Soundtrack.
The vocoded voice samples help provide an eery touch. These samples also help provide an organic feel. Even with all the processing heaped on them, it helps add a human touch. Working with electronic music myself, I can appreciate what a feat this is.
Anytime you are working with exclusively electronic music, your engineering needs to be flawless. This track is no exception. I don't know what kind of set up was used in recording Kj's Spydrz but it works really well. Every track is clean and well balanced out. I hear a subtle panning effect that is used perfectly. To often, panning effects are used without paying attention to the tempo of the rest of the piece. It's good to review tech head music. I know you have a great appreciation for good engineering as do I.
All in all, Kj's Spydrz is a good solid foundation to work from and a strong stand alone piece of electronic music. The possibilities are endless here. Keep up the great work.

Charisma: 8.00
Technical Skill: 8.00
Interest: 8.50
Recording Quality: 9.50
Long Term Appeal: 8.00

Once I was able to pry Mr. Hugo out from under his Molecular-Modulation-Aural-Perception-Emulation-Headset,

and away from his Super-Deep-Space-Pocket-Sized-Stereo-Radio-Telescope, Dale had this to say:

" I found ["Hard Left" by luke etyrnal to be] very kinetic. I was sorry when it ended. It was rich in texture and yet not gimmicky or affected and obtuse. I like the way it builds to climaxes within climaxes without feeling unresolved. The thunder toward the end was a surprise and yet blended well with the entire piece. I was thinking it would be perfect for Starwars or even a Hitchcock theme. Not as driving and hard edged as a James Bond themes, but loads of dramatic tension. The rain, the door closing, [the car keys, and the car squeeling away] -- all exceptionally well done - helps to build visual pictures within an aural feast.

The final resolution into the thunderstorm made me say, "Of course!" And doesn't all great classical music force you that way? Once you've heard it, you can't imagine it written any other way. I'd like an album full of musical experiences like this."

--Dale Hugo, PhD, Chicago, USA
Published Poet, Chemist, Science Writer, and One Smart Cookie

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"If you could pick a soundtrack for your dreams, Saviourself’s score would be a perfect fit. Mystical electronic tones mesh well with subtle keyboard and guitar melodies. The Illinois native's mysterious music tickles your senses and enhances your aural awareness.


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"created from an extensive sonic palet, this artist brings the sounds from other worlds to you so that you can go on a journey to far-away-near places in your listening adventure..."

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